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As an Experience Designer at R/GA, I worked with a range of designers and product managers in an agile environment to build a quote tool app for Verizon Wireless.

What It Is

This desktop/mobile experience enables new and existing Verizon customers to explore, customize, and compare plan, phone, and deal offerings. The point of entry is an ad or landing page and users configure their cart items until satisfied, resulting in a potential purchase. Our main focus was cost transparency due to the frustration that arises from seeing surmounting hidden fees and taxes at checkout. User tests proved positive results and we found that being upfront with fees and providing a clear and consistent quote summary throughout the experience was key to easing this pain point.

What I Did

I worked through several user flows within the app, building wireframes and applying the established visual design system to fulfill client and team requirements while maintaining simple, functional, and intuitive UI. Additionally, I provided detailed annotations to engineers, created clickable prototypes used in testing, and observed user interviews to inform improvements on demand. 

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