Converse, the renowned and culturally significant shoe brand, wanted a fresh digital experience to serve the daring youth of today.



Through a 16-month immersion of discovery, definition, and design we rebuilt down to every detail. The outcome was a best-in-class web destination that brought the brand vision to life through an experience as authentic, youthful, and daring as the people who champion the brand.

We built feature sets based on three foundational experience principles: enabling discovery, building customer relationships, and effortless shopping.

See how we brought it to life

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Experience Designer

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R/GA NY, 2018



Enabling Discovery

Discovery happens when a homepage doesn't feel like a homepage. A dynamic ever-changing modular dashboard keeps content fresh and relevant, encouraging visitors to check back in often.

Gridwall Stories

Discovery happens when the right content is surfaced at the right time. Relevant collections and associated looks are featured on product set cards and shoppable social posts within Gridwalls. 

Dynamic Search
Discovery happens when search feels more interactive. An experience in itself - search results autofill as the user types and relevant content populates in, encouraging users to explore content that they wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

Incubate Experience
Discovery happens when an experience is as special as the product itself. Limited Edition takes on differentiated energy via elevated photography, shoe drop countdowns, and engaging story pages that feature special collections, collaborations, and launches.  



Building Relationships

User-Generated Content
Relationships get stronger when customers can take part in the story. User-generated content became foundational on nearly every page of the site, putting a spotlight on customers and allowing them to be the basis of the Converse brand story.

Visual Reviews
Relationships get stronger when customers can share with one another. We made review submission visual, exciting, and personalized to build a thriving Converse community. 

Save Favorites

Relationships get stronger when an experience speaks to customers directly. The logged-in state of the site has heightened personal touches, like a fun way to save and favorite products to view and customize later.



Effortless Shopping

Quick Add

Effortless means giving consumers shortcuts.

Shoppable Editorial
Blurring the lines between content and commerce.

Quick Checkout
Effortless means doing the heavy lifting for the customers.