A selection of Circuits platform features that improve the holistic product experience.

Restructuring the Curriculum UI

Circuits curriculum is broken down into units and lessons, listed linearly on their respective pages. This restricts the amount of content that can be displayed to a mere title and project due date. Data revealed that students wanted more context before clicking in to start. 

Original Linear Format


This UI exploration restructured the linear format into a modular one, providing space for a description about the lesson's content, type of activities in each and an estimated completion time to give students a clear summary before clicking in. 

New Modular Format


Additional UI changes:

Unit Page:
1. Moved header from Lesson Page to Unit Page.
2. Extended the unit bars to the width of the page.
3. Added a mentor CTA and tooltip.


Lesson Page:
1. Made project due date more prominent. 
2. Navigation breadcrumb added to the menu bar at the top.

Circuits Due Dates and Nudges

In the course, students work through content and submit a project at the end of each week by a given due date. Having due dates allows us to track and analyze an individual's progress. 

Initially, due dates were buried in emails and it was hard for students to keep track of deadlines. Our challenge was to relieve this pain point and set up students for success. Additionally, we created a way to send systematic targeted messaging to encourage those that might be falling behind or send congratulations for a job well done.

This was accomplished by:
1. Implementing due dates directly into the platform so it doesn't get lost.
2. Nudging students to complete projects with targeted messaging and reminders. 
3. Motivating students to complete work via a project submission section. This provides a forum for students to view and comment on fellow classmates projects.

     2 — Nudge for one project past due

   2 —  Nudge for multiple projects past due

     3 — Submitted Projects Section

Code Challenge Onboarding and Interface

For the Circuits courses that cover the basics of coding (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), we built a robust feature within the platform that enables students to reinforce and test their learnings. It was a complex challenge but important business goal wise to keep people on the platform and provide a seamless experience. The very first challenge students encounter serves as onboarding, introducing the interface and providing a tutorial of how it works.