Discovering the needs, motivations, and actions of our customers is essential to building a product they love. Utilizing user research methods to dive into data allows us to parse every touchpoint of the Circuits Journey and create a thoughtful and holistic digital product experience. 

Defining the Target Audience

The target audience for Circuits includes individuals completely new to the subject matter or are familiar and want a review. The overarching goal is to provide students with a solid understanding of the basics and help them level up their skills, explore a new career direction, or get a promotion at work.

Circuits Personas 2Circuits Personas 2

A Broad Overview of the Customer Flow

The customer flow begins when one realizes the need or urge to learn a new skill. Maybe they discover Circuits while researching keywords online or hear about it through word of mouth. After they decide it's the right choice for them, they enroll in a cohort and are able to log onto the platform to start the course. A dedicated mentor is available to each student for support and accountability throughout the experience. Even after the course ends, the content, mentors, and GA community are on standby for as long as they need. 

Circuits User FlowCircuits User Flow

Using Data to Understand Our Customers

In collaboration with my cross-functional team, we identified opportunities, drove ideation and made strategic improvements to the platform through informed decisions backed by data.

Data was garnered through user interviews, direct customer feedback, surveys, NPS scores, A/B tests, and tools that track website and platform interaction. We organized the qualitative and quantitative data into an experience map, helping to visualize the results and create a shared frame of reference.


Taking insights from the experience map, we can extract and expand on the journey model framework to build singular persona stories, furthering understanding and empathy for each type of customer we may encounter.

Check out the example below and make sure to read my product design notes called out in dark blue

Circuits Customer Journey 3Circuits Customer Journey 3